How Does It Work?

Simple To Set Up

When you use the Compliance Registry, all your relevant documentation is uploaded onto a secure website so you can always find exactly what you need, when you need it.

You control what is there, who can see it – and you get a warning when something is about to expire.


Step 1

Set up an account and upload all the relevant documentation. You can do this yourself, ask your suppliers to do their own and/or use our Bureau Service.

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Step 2

Organise your suppliers into folders in whatever way you want. Control who in your company can see, or alter, which documentation.

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Step 3

Track every document and see who reviewed / approved it and when. Access a full validated history of compliance.



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Traffic Light System

This unique system sends an alert when you – or one of your suppliers – is about to become non-compliant.

Traffic Light

It ensures you are always aware when you need to renew or upgrade your compliance status.

An orange light gives seven days’ warning, a red light shows you are too late!

Buyer Alerts Screenshot