So what are the Features?

The Compliance Registry is so versatile it can cater for your specific needs no matter how big or small.


System Features

Document Handling

Real-time Alerts




System Features (back to top)

  • Works equally well for both Buyer and Supplier organisations

  • Can also be used for internal documentary purposes (‘Private Documents’)

  • Offers complete control over naming & editing category folders, with a fully administrable user rights system to determine who does what within your organisation

  • Securely hosted, under SSL

  • Keeps control over who is allowed to view your documents – including giving one-off access to potential customers

  • Scanning, document verification and upload service available upon request

  • Large directory of Suppliers and Buyers, searchable by specialist criteria

  • Multi-lingual capability to work with your global suppliers (coming soon)

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Document Handling (back to top)

  • All uploaded documents are automatically converted to a secure, non-editable PDF

  • Buyers can specify exactly which documents are required from Suppliers in any named category - choose from a large library of document types

  • Implement your own review and sign-off procedures - all relevant parties are notified each time an action is required and completed

  • Thumbnail document previews available

  • Clear screen layouts designed for all levels of user

  • Full time & date stamped version history available against every document

  • View who has reviewed and approved each document

  • Store your standard company documentation for download and manual sign & return

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Real-time Alerts (back to top)

  • Pro-active event management, with automated alerts

  • Built-in messaging ensures that all parties are kept informed

  • Real-time charting provides clarity of "compliant" parties

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